Terracal is a Brazilian company that develops and operates projects centered on the production of agricultural products and bioenergy in a competitive and sustainable way. Our projects are developed utilizing available state-of-the-art technologies, process optimization, and integration of production components to maximize operational efficiency, with a focus on the areas of geo-referencing, agricultural and logistics management, drip irrigation, industrial production, and power generation. 

Our Strategy

The company targets opportunities that offer integration of the value chain, from the agricultural activities to the sale of our end products. Our strategy is to identify synergies and maximize value generation per hectare, utilizing the following concepts:

  • Geographic and agricultural synergies between high value crops
  • Detailed investment structuring and state-of-the-art project engineering
  • Advanced agricultural, irrigation and industrial technologies with focus on high efficiency
  • Operational flexibilities to enhance commercial opportunities
  • With a focus on minimizing environmental impacts and maximizing sustainability


Terracal rigidly adheres to best international governance practices and standards, in both the Company’s and its individual employees' relations with government and third parties. The Company actively enforces anti-corruption policies and disciplined internal controls.


Terracal’s leadership team is comprised of experienced executives and highly qualified experts in agriculture, industry, and power generation. The Company is committed to achieving excellence and sustained value in the development and operation of its businesses.


Terracal’s portfolio includes agricultural lands in the states of Piauí, Bahia, Maranhão, Minas Gerais and Tocantins, with a development pipeline of large agro-industrial projects in various stages of development.

Terracal seeks to optimize the project structuring and development process across its portfolio, leveraging synergies along the production chain, adopting efficient technologies and operating practices, as well as diversifying its sources of revenue. We make extensive use of Pre-Operational Programs (POP) for every project, which provide proof of concept as well as operational and crop variety testing.

Currently, Terracal's most advanced project is the Piauí Agro-Industrial Complex in northeast Brazil, an irrigated project to produce sugar, ethanol, tomato paste, and bioenergy.

High-yield sugarcane from the Piauí POP, where varietal and operational procedures are tested