• Our Values:
  • Pursue Excellence in all our Activities
  • Sustain Strong Performance and Competitiveness
  • Be Model Corporate Citizens
  • Communicate Effectively With All Our Stakeholders

Our Vision:
To create a World-Class integrated, agro-industrial business that delivers cost-effective, high-quality, and sustainable products for our customers.

Nothing that we do is more important than safeguarding the lives and well-being of our employees, contractors, clients, and the communities in which we work. We will constantly strive to conduct our activities in a safe and effective manner.

Our employees, both technical and non-technical, at our offices, operating facilities, and farms, are expected to maintain a proactive level of safety awareness, even incorporating this mindset into our homes.

We strive to minimize our environmental impacts and participate positively in the communities affected by our operations.

While the nature of our business provides our customers with cleaner fuels, we recognize that all of our activities produce some degree of environmental impact. We strive to minimize this impact in a sustainable and effective manner.

We believe we must develop and adopt the most efficient and innovative technologies, operational practices, and business concepts for our irrigated agriculture, industrial processing and power generation businesses.

We are a Brazilian agro-industrial company that encourages the development and growth of our employees, providing training, knowledge and opportunities to evolve personally and professionally.

We manage our activities and operations through a constant pursuit of excellence, using new and more efficient technologies and operational practices, with strict control of costs, to maximize agricultural and industrial yields, utilizing key operational and financial performance indicators.