Piauí Agro-Industrial

The Piauí Agro-Industrial Complex

The Piauí Agro-Industrial Complex, which is being developed in the state of Piauí in northeast Brazil, involves the irrigated production of sugarcane and tomatoes that are processed on-site to produce ethanol, sugar and tomato paste, as well as to generate electric energy from cane bagasse and cane byproducts. In addition, the power plant will be able to use other types of biomass to generate energy.

The project stands out for its high level of vertical and horizontal integration, resulting in synergies between agricultural products as well as efficiencies throughout the industrial processes. Shared infrastructure provides the opportunity to significantly reduce production costs for all products in the value chain.

This integration of agriculture and infrastructure with the industrial processes, together with the implementation of state-of-the-art technologies, will also provide sustained efficient use of materials and natural resources. The use of drip irrigation not only provides sustained high agricultural yields, allowing the project to maximize productivity per hectare, but also minimizes water losses and waste.

Over the last several years, Terracal has been conducting trials of technologies and agricultural operating practices that enable innovations in the development of the project. These Pre-Operational Programs have ensured that the varieties selected provide the highest yield potential for each location.

3D Model View of Proposed Industrial Facilities

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